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T3 (liothyronine sodium) 50mcg

T3 (liothyronine sodium) 50mcg

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Description of the T3 (liothyronine sodium) 50mcg is outlined as below :-

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  1. Info : CAS : 55-06-1 Synonyms : Liothyronine sodium; T3 sodium salt

EINECS : 200-223-5
MF : C15H11I3NNaO4

MW : 672.96

  1. T3 test Triiodothyronine (T3) is a thyroid hormone test. It plays an imperative and significant role in the body for managing the metabolism. A laboratory test can be made in order to measure the level of T3 in your blood.

  2. Specifiction : it is available in 50 mcg per tablet, 100 tabs per tub