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Stanazolol Injection

Stanazolol Injection

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Injectable stanzolol - Stanozolol Injection 50mg/ml

Stanazolol Injection are quite popular in the bodybuilding world. Though this drug (Stanazolol), which is an anabolic steroid and a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is also available in the oral form, the injectable water based variant is more popular because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Stanazolol Injection are mainly preferred by bodybuilders and athletes who are keen on building their muscle tissue. However, this steroid does not give the body unwanted mass but boosts the stamina and strength manifold – one of the many reasons for its immense popularity in the market today.

Key Features :-

  • Can be used for treating angioedema that leads to swollen face, throat, etc.
  • Good for getting a lean and hard physique.
  • Injections are mainly available as 50mg/ml & 100mg/ml forms.
  • Is not toxic to the liver as its oral counterpart.