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Femara Tablets

Femara Tablets

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Description of Letrozole (Femara) 2.5 mg Tablet are mentioned as below :-

Letrozole / femara 2.5 mg tablet :-

  1. CAS No : 112809-51-5
    MF : C17H11N5
    MW : 285.3

  2. Generic Name : letrozole (LET-roe-zole)

  3. Brand Name : Femara Letrozole which is mainly used for : it is generally used for treating various kinds of breast cancer in women post the stage of menopause. It may also be utilized for many other conditions which can be determined by your doctor. Letrozole is also an aromatase inhibitor.

  1. Specifaction : 2.5mg per tablet, 100 tabs per bottle